Our author’s satisfaction is our utmost priority thus the services provided by us are not only top notch but also upto our client’s satisfaction! A dedicated project manager will be provided to you who will guide you at every stage of your journey!

Professional dashboard

Rosewood provides every author with their own dashboard through which they can apply for cover designing, video trailer development, can upload their manuscript, be updated on the status of publishing and also track their monthly sales on every platform. Dashboards are personally customized for every author giving them complete access of their pre and post publishing processes.

Manuscript editing (proofreading)

Once we receive your manuscript, we add the final touches by changing the type setting and correcting the grammatical mistakes making your manuscript perfect!

Cover designing

Our graphic designers ensure that your cover totally depicts the beauty of your book. We design and provide you with elite covers of your choice! A team of graphic designer is readily available at your service to provide you the best!

Interior designing

Presentation of the interior of the book puts a positive effect on your story. Our editorial team does proper interior designing to perfect your manuscript. The font, font size, margins, page size etc will be customised according to the type of your book.

Video trailer

Take your book to another level of virtuality by opting this service. We present your words on screen! We make the trailer of your book by giving glimpses of your masterpiece which will add the extra spice your book needs!

Hardcopy of your book

The paperback of your book will be available nationally on Amazon and our Rosewood Publication store. Readers can purchase the hardcopy of your book from any of these stores and the royalty will be provided to you via your dashboard.

Soft copy of your book (e-book)

In this virtual era, e books are the newest trend. So far it is the best mode of sales. Your e-book will be available on Kindle, Google books, Goodreads and also on our store!

Google books and good reads

The soft copy of your book will be available on various other online platforms such as Google books and Goodreads on which not only can your readers purchase your book but also leave honest and amazing reviews about your book.

National distribution

Every part of India can easily access your book which will be available on the platforms. Readers can simply order their book and we will get them delivered at their footsteps!

Statistical marketing

Marketing plays a key role in the success of a book. Through statistical marketing we not only promote your book on social media but also by featuring your book in newspapers, magazines, posters, visiting cards etc.

Ad campaign

We run target based ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram that will help your book reach the right audience who will love your book!


Your book will be reviewed by profession reviewers who will give you honest feedback of your book. It’s a great way of keeping your book in check for the audience.

ISBN barcode

We provide ISBN (international standard book number) issued by the Government of India which is unique to every book. The publication is responsible for it’s application and issue.

Substantive editing (advanced)

Still not content with your work? Worry not! For we have got the best editorial team which will transform your manuscript by modifying vocabulary, adding poetic devices and tools like metaphor, imagery, alliteration, personification, etc. Everything that your manuscript needs!

Premium cover designing

Words and art are two important things that makes your cover perfect. We provide premium cover services to ensure that your cover is unique, distinctive with it’s own individual beauty. We always love giving a little sparkle to your book!


We provide artistic illustrations which will be added in your manuscript based on the content you give. Illustrations makes your book lively and gives the reader food for imagination.

Copyright ©️

We provide both author and government copyright. The copyright of your book will belong to you once the publishing process is started.


Amazon being the world’s most popular platform for the sales of books, we make sure that your books visibility and reach is the best on it. Your book will be available internationally as a soft copy and will be available throughout India as a hardcopy as well.


Kindle is every readers home. Your e book will be available on this platform for readers to purchase and read from.

Global distribution

It’s important that your book reaches every corner of the world. Rosewood will make your book available in 180+ countries! Readers throughout the world will be able to purchase your book via various platforms on which your book will be available.

Retail distribution

We make your book available in national libraries and also in local book shops in which your book will be displayed and sold.

Digital marketing

The most profitable mode of marketing for sure is digital marketing. We have a dedicated team of digital marketers which leaves no stone unturned in marketing your book digitally.

Author interview

Rosewood encourages and acknowledges our authors by interviewing them and inspiring many other budding writers who look up to authors like you to find the courage to pen down their words.

Magazine and newspaper feature

We provide magazine and newspaper feature of you and your book in  leading magazines and newspapers. This feature of ours not only help your book reach places but also marks your position as an author in the world of literature

Self publishing

Get your dream book out for the world to read and appreciate. You can get your book published in just a few steps!

Our Approch

Publish Your Book With Rose Wood Pub

All you have to do is select a package, get in touch with us, sign the agreement and we will get your book published in just 30 days!

Guided publishing

Is this your first experience in book publishing? Worry not! For we have got our trained executives who will guide you in every step of your journey and will advise you the best! All you have to do is get in touch with us.

Traditional publishing

Rosewood being deep rooted in the field of literature has got an eagles eye for talent. You can get your book published by partnering up with us. Once your manuscript is submitted and selected, our team will contact you and guide you further.

Anthology publishing

No matter how big or small your content is, Rosewood always supports and appreciates pure talent. Get your write up published in minimal cost and become a published writer just like that! We have super comfortable options you can choose from to publish you write up.

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