Dear Beloved


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In chemistry In we call as the reaction of chemicals, maths it is a simple and equivalent equation, In biology its pumping of heart and in literature it is paradise…But for two a divine con individuals who fell in love nection of their body and soul. The connection which is pure material and a It is feeling that hel ps them understand each other, AFFECTION IS JUST LIKE AN INFECTION THE MORE YOU GET INFECTED THE MOST YOU HURT . We will come across many number of lives. But only few i.e people inour beloved ones will stay with us in thick and thin.

This book ā€œDEAR BELOVEDā€ includes the themes love, affection, trust and care. One can express their feelings to their beloved one in diff erent ways but as writing can express lot many emotions, compiler took this theme. This book is stacked with the truest feelings of th authors and contain all the words from e cothe heart be itĀ saidĀ orĀ unsaid.

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