E² Existence Explained


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10 million super clusters containing 200 billion galaxy clusters containing 2 trillion galaxies containing several septillion planets, all embedded within innumerable amounts of dark matter and dark energy. This is the universe as we know it now; it is the essence of reality, yet the reality that we know so little about. Understanding this universe is more than just understanding some theories; it is understanding the very essence of existence. This is why having knowledge about the universe and physics is so important. The problem is that humanity’s current understanding relies heavily on complicated mathematics and complex, intricate theories that are difficult for the majority to understand. Hence, the purpose of this book is to give a glimpse into the beginning, end, and functioning of existence in an easy to understand and interesting way. This book is intended for those who want to know more about physics and the universe without having to deal with complicated equations. The book serves as an introduction to the world of science and discusses several topics, such as the theory of everything, the beginning of the universe, and even space colonization. The contents may give an insight into where modern science is and what potential the future holds. Ever since my childhood, physics has been my passion. Additionally, literature is also my passion, and I decided to integrate my two interests by writing this book. I wanted to share my passion for physics with others. I wanted people to have information about this wondrous universe that we reside in, which is why I wrote this book to offer precise, easy to understand, and interesting explanations about various theories that outline our current understanding of the universe. Through knowledge, we advance, so let’s understand, innovate, and continue on this amazing adventure we call science.

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