Heart’s Ink


A collection of mixed feelings, perceptions, and emotions of inked words in the form of tales, quotes & poetry, from various author’s pen, straight from their Hearts which will make you explore, that how the bundle of inked words could be so intense ✨ and Every page will take you for an emotional ride. Most of us limit or restrict the feeling of heart to Love & Romance, they shouldn’t do this, because the Heart’s feeling is not Only for LOVE & ROMANCE But along with that it also includes all other kinds of Emotions. Similarly, The inked words inside this book are straight from Heart, but along with LOVE & ROMANCE, it is an expression of various Unexpressed tales of emotions, from various author’s pen, which will directly connect to your heart. The content credit goes to every single respective co-author, without their words, this bundle of HEART’S INK would have been faded!


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